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Northwest Geology cosponsored by the Xi’an Center of Geological Survey, CGS and Geological Society of China, and published by Science Press of China, is committed to publishing high-quality, original results in both basic and applied research in various fields of geology sciences. It focuses on hot issue and frontier science of geology science, and introduces the achievement of investigation in Northwest of China. The contents mainly include as follows: research on basic geological theory, study of energy and non-energy mineral resources, research on geological environment and hazards.

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Discussion on Geochemical Anomalies and Ore-Prospecting Direction of Suwushijie Area in Middle Altyn

Based on the geochemical data of Suwushijie area in Middle Altyn, the distribution characteristics about 39 kinds of geochemical elements have been briefly introduced.After analyzing the geochemical anomalies of this studying area, the main metallo..

Application of Organic Fluid Inclusion to Study the Characteristics of Gas Reservoir Formation: Example from the Sulige Gas Field in Western Ordos Basin

After studying the diagenesis sequence about the sandstone gas bed of the Sulige gas field in Western Ordos Basin, the petrography of organic fluid inclusions has been studied through carrying out petrographical observation and fluid inclusion micr..

Metamorphism of the Meiziya Formation in Northern Hanyin, Shaanxi Province

The Meiziya Formation is the biggeststratum exposed in northern Hanyin, which is mainly composed of muscovite-quartz schist, carbon-containing muscovite-quartz schist, and muscovite-quartz schistwith garnet-bearing biotitemeta crystal. Garnet and bi..

Research Progress on Carboniferous Strata in Bogda Area, Eastern Tianshan

The project of geological survey in 1:250000 Sandaoling Sheet made some research progresses on carboniferous stratigraphic redivision, including the unconformity interface found in Tuckerbasstao Formation. According to the fossils of lower strata in..

Tectonic Evolution and Coal Accumulation about the Southern Margin of Yili Basin in Xinjiang since Middle Cenozoic Era

The Yili basin is famous for its rich resources of coal and uranium, especiallyin the southern margin of this basin. From the angle of coal exploration, the tectonic pattern, sedimentary characteristics and coal bearing strata of the Middle-Lower Ju..

Site Stability Evaluation and Environmental Impact Analysis on the Working Face of Old Coal Mine in Pangzhuang

Based on structural geology, stratum and lithology, seismic, hydrogeology andgeotechnical engineering geology, the coal seammining data about the working face of old coal mine in Pangzhuang has been analyzed in this paper. The residual deformation o..

Study on Uranium Occurrence State of Daying Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits in Ordos Basin

The Daying uranium deposit is a newly discovered deposit in Ordos basin recently, the detailed research on the uranium occurrence state has a great significance for mineral smelting and mining. Through using electron probe, sequential chemical extra..

Tectonic Evolution of the Iritish belt in Ust-Kamenogorsk Area, Kazakhstan: New Geochronological Evidence

The Iritish belt, served as one of the most important tectonic boundary in Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB), extends more than 2 000 kilometers from west Siberian, through Ust-Kamenogorsk and Zhaisang Lake in Kazakhstan, Chinese Altai and then int..

Geochemical Characteristics and Petrogenesis of Hongbaoshan-Jianquan Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in East Tianshan, Xinjiang

Located in the Kawabulake area of east Tianshan, the Hongbaoshan-Jianquan manfic-ultramafic intrusions exhibit as vein and lenticular, with outcropped area of ~8km2. It mainly consists of dunite, peridotite and wehrlite. The geochemical data shows th..

Geological Characteristics, Tectonic Evolution and Prospecting Direction of Dongduaoba Gold Deposit in Tajikistan

The Dongduaoba gold deposit, located in the precious metal metallogenic belt of Middle Tajikistan, is one of four large-sized gold deposits that had been discovered in Qiaolie gold field.This deposit is obviously controlled by regional nappe structu..