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The Ordos Basin is a huge groundwater basin composed by a multi-aquifer system.According to the material and spatial extent of aquifers, the groundwater systems were dived to three aquifer systems, i.e. the karst groundwater system, the Cretaceous clastic groundwater system, the Carbonic-Jurassic fracture water, and Quaternary groundwater system.

Karst aquifer system

Limestone aquifers spread around the Ordos basin. Because of the controls of geotecture caused to variation of space structure, three sub-aquifer systems were present in the East edge, south edge and west edge of the Ordos basin.

      Cretaceous aquifer system

The Cretaceous aquifer system consists of the Bao Anqun inland clastic rocks, with the area of 132 100 km2. The topography, lithology, lithofacies and structure of aquifers are different in the south and north, divided by the Baiyu Mountain.

The north of the Ordos basin: because of the absence of continuous and stable aquicludes, the basin has only one system with huge thickness and the water-bearing formation has a tight hydraulic connection.According to the bury condition of aquifers, the basin can further divided into shallow, middle and deep water-bearing formation.

The south of the Ordos basin: Because of continual aquicludes, the basin composed of multi-layers groundwater basin and the hydraulic Luohandong, Huanhe and Luohe water-bearing formation.

Based on the classification of water-bearing formation, the aquifer divided into strong water-rich, middle water-rich and weak water-rich areas. And the water-rich index was put forward for the cretaceous clastic rocks.

Sub-aquifer system in the Cretaceous aquifer systems                                 Luohezu aquifer model in the Ordos Basin