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The northern Shaanxi Energy and Chemical Industry Base is rich in coal, oil and natural gas, and is the important energy base in the 21st century in China. As it is located in the semi-arid climate zone, water shortages, fragile eco-environment hinder the development and construction of the base. Based on the theory of groundwater system, the key studies include the mechanism of groundwater formation and enrichment, the ecological response to groundwater exploitation, geological and eco-environmental response due to coal mining, and water resources management decision support system. Finally, the project obtained a series of innocative results, and achieved good economic, social and ecological benefits, so it was awardes the first prize in science and technology of Shaanxi province.

Prof. Zhang Maosheng presented the results of groundwater Investigation in the northern Shaanxi energy and chemical industry base

  Guided by the groundwater systems theory, according to the characteristics of the aquifer medium and groundwater circulation, taking into account the evaluation and utilization of water resources and other factors, 6 aquifer systems, 51 catchment flow systems and 71 local flow subsystems were defined.

Sketch of aquifer systems in the northern Shaanxi Energy and Chemical Industry Base

                The contour of the base of the Salawusu formation                                     The water-table contour of the Quaternary salawusu formation
                          and water-collection structures. 
                           1. The bottom elevation; 
                           2. Water-collection structures; 
                           3. Boundary of sand-covering area                                                                 

Spatial relation between the Salawusu and Cretaceous aquifer system

Guided by the groundwater flow system theory, we carried out 1: 50,000 regional hydrogeological exploration and well-field exploration, 56 well-fields are located.

                          Karst water                                                                  Key well-fields of the energy chemical base in northern Shaanxi Province

It proposed the research and evaluation method for eco~hydrogeology, revealed the quantitative interdependent relation between groundwater level and vegetation. Taking the catchment groundwater flow system and local groundwater flow system for the unit, it established the numerical simulation model for the groundwater, developed a coupled model of groundwater and vegetation, evaluated the risk of groundwater exploitation to vegetation, put forward the exploitable quantity of groundwater considering vegetation.

The map of groundwater threshold of vegetation in the sand-covering area

Relationship between vegetation ecology and aspect, the normal distribution graph of the evolution trend

Vegetation sensitivity zoning map

Schematic relationship between vegetation and groundwater

To guarantee ecology, water resources, and security of coal mining in sand-covering areas, we presented the safe height of caving zone, fractured zone and deformation zone, the water resources influence zoning due to coal mining in short-and long-term, and countermeasure for water resources protection.

Exploration and planning map for coal mining

It developed a set of water resources scientific management decision support system for northern Shaanxi Province energy chemical base, and put forward countermeasures for the sustainable utilization and the water transfer scheme of Yellow River.

Recommendation graph of water resources optimal allocation, water supply direction in the northern Shaanxi Province energy chemical base.

Through in-situ tests and comparison research, according to the characteristic of  the study area, it explored and summed up the six suitable utilization patterns of water resources, and developed an artificial filtration system for high sediment-laden river water resource utilization, which obtained the national practical technology patent.

Practical patent