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Sino-Australia in cooperation began to geological mapping in 2013

Author:BellaUpdated:Apr 24,2013
On April 2nd, the experts from China Geological Survey and XACGS visited the western Australia, discussed and exchanged practical problems in the Sino-Australia geological mapping cooperation, unceasingly absorbed the advantages of Australia mapping technology to further improve the domestic 1:50000 regional geological survey. Based on the mutual communication, we have made a co-operational plan: during April 2 to June 24, we carried out geological mapping in Austria, and During Jul 10 to Sept 10, we carried out in China.
The project of Sino-Austria co operational geological mapping is based on the agreement between China Geological Survey and Austria Geological Survey in 2011. It included the mapping technology exchange of the regional geological survey through the Sino-Australia co operational geological mapping, and learning from each other to development the technical method system of 1:250000 and 1:50000 regional geological survey in common, improve the regional geological mapping technology, and training talents together.
By analysis of the cooperation in 2012, we have ascertained the project-“regional geological and mineral resources survey in the area of Niuquanzi, North Mountain, Gansu” as the co operational program in 2013 and we will cooperation in the following content: ① to exchange of the Precambrian mapping method; ②to exchange of the regional sedimentary strata mapping method; ③ to exchange of the intrusive rock mapping method; ④ to application of digital mapping technology in the process of co operational mapping, discussed the similarities and differences in the process of mapping between China and Australia, to jointly improve the digital mapping technology; ⑤Besides the joint mapping and mapping technique exchanges, to carry out the basic geology and mineral resources geological comprehensive investigation and study, summary the ore-forming geological background, metallogenic geological conditions and metallogenic regularities, reasonable division of t tectonic units on the cooperation map sheet;⑥ to carry out the geological mapping technique exchanges and cooperation.

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