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The experts are highly attention on the project progress of typical section study in Ziyang,Shaanxi in the IGCP591 international conference

Updated:Dec 10,2014

In order to speed up the achievement promotion of typical section study in Ziyang,Shaanxi and strengthen international academic exchanges, Wang Jian from XACGS was invited to participate the 2014 annual IGCP 591 projects international meeting in Yunnan University. A total of more than 120 experts and scholars from 43 countries attended the meeting and mainly discussed Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian paleontological and stratigraphic research results and progress in recent years.

By multiple posters and the scene lively discussion exhibited the project progress.Relatively complete graptolite fauna on main section and a lot of chitinidae and conodont fossil founded on auxiliary section, the developments enriched the comprehensive research of ziyang section and improved the reliability of paleontological correlation. The experts attending the meeting give a high evaluation, and the experts from the branch of International Silurian Institution put forward the typical section was the important section, speed up the many kinds of in-depth study and contribute for the research again.