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Sino-German aquifer heterogeneity identification conference was held successfully

Updated:Dec 05,2014

Recently,Sino-German aquifer heterogeneity identification academic seminar hosted by Sino-German scientific research exchange center and XACGS was held successfully in xi 'an. More than 30 top scientists from China, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Canada and other countries discussed the aquifer heterogeneity identification method together.

PhD. Zhang Er-yong from CGS, Prof. Ye Tian-qi from University of Arizona, and Prof. Sauter Martin from University of Goettingen made a keynote address on research progress of China's hydrogeology survey、aquifer hydraulic chromatography and multi-scale fracture characteristics of the karst aquifer.

Subsequently, the scholars from various countries respectively made a discussion in-depth on different scales of aquifer heterogeneity identification technology and numerical inversion method. After 2 days of communication, the participants agreed that the discussion got a rapid development of aquifer heterogeneity identification method. At the same time, the integration of different methods has broad prospects for cooperation.

Aquifer heterogeneity identification is a great challenge of the hydrogeology. The conference provides opportunities for the problem of crack. Moreover, it enhances the professional skill and influence of XACGS.