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Strengthen international cooperation in geosciences and promote economic development of the Silk Road

Updated:Oct 30,2014

CHINA MINING Congress and Expo 2014 was held at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin on Oct.20 th - 23 rd , 2014.
    On Oct.20, the Geosciences cooperation Seminar of The Silk Road as one part of the China Mining Congress was held successfully, and took the topic of “Strengthen international cooperation in geosciences and promote economic development of the Silk Road“. Jointly Research center of Geosciences of Ministry of Land and Resources——Shanghai Cooperation Organization settled down in Xi’an Center of Geological Survey.

     CHINA MINING Congress was hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources PRC, with strong participation of the Provincial Departments of the Ministry of Land and Resources and mining associations. The conference is the place to learn about the latest policies, regulations, and mining projects in China and the world. Participants at CHINA MINING include domestic and overseas mining government and associations, CEOs and executives from all areas of the mining sector, as well as technical experts, service providers, bankers, stock exchanges and investors. The CHINA MINING program includes topics of the highest relevance to the international and domestic mining industry. Keynotes, stream sessions, and panel discussions provide an excellent opportunity to meet and learn from experts, participate in discussions and get deep insights in presented topics and leading opinions. A large number of sessions during CHINA MINING Congress are dedicated to country, projects & company presentations as an ideal place to hear about the latest investment opportunities and developments in the world.

Refer to the details: http://www.chinaminingtj.org/en/index.php