Welcome to Xi'an Center of Geological Survey !

Geochemical survey of Pamir region in Tajikistan have been promoted smoothly

Under the full support of Tajikistan Geological Administration, using honest and trustworthy, sincere cooperation as its fundamental, taking seeking truth from facts and scientific management as its means, the project team keeps up the spirits of advocating science, hard-working and dauntless that are common to all  geologists of two countries, overcomes various working barriers brought by  social factors, such as the differences in special concept, policy and management system of overseas works, as well as  mountain hypoxia, climatic sickness, unaccustomed diet, harsh climate, linguistic atresia and other objective difficulties. Completed the field sampling tasks, and laid a solid foundation for the entire project implementation and overall goals. 
1. Completed 1:1M stream sediment survey, with survery area of 30000km2, and 1:250 000 stream with survey area of 10000km2.  

2. Preliminary Achievements 
(1) Data collection: nearly 100 pieces of 1:100 000 Topographic Map of Tajikistan’s Whole Territory , 91 pieces of 1:50000 Topographic Map of Eastern Pamir, and 10 pieces of 1:20 000 Geological Map of Eastern Pamir 
(2) Established Moore Gabu   field geological work base, as well as 4 field workstations such as Ron Curry and Tuohaidameishi, and laid a foundation for the further project implementation, especially the next-step anomalies verification work.
(3) To train multi-level geochemical investigation personnel for Tajikistan, to promote the friendship with resident masses of working area, to reserve the talents for carrying out the geological survey in Tajikistan and  to laid a mass base; (3 staffs having field production and management capabilities; 20 staffs are skilled in the whole process of field sample collecting; 4 persons of sample management and data management; 18 staffs for field sample collection).
(4) Sample testing will complete soon; 
(5) Completed the map compilation of existing data and the database construction work.