Li Wenyuan

Research fellow, deputy director-general of Xi’an center of Geological Survey, CGS, and chief editor of Northwest Geology; Ph.D. in Northwest University and Prof. in Chang’an University, Lanzhou University ..

Du Yuliang

Du Yuliang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Director-general in Xi’an Center of Geological Survey, Prof-senior geologist, Ph.D. of Ore Deposits in China University of geosciences. Mainly engaged..

Zhang Maosheng

Research follow, Postdoctoral in Peking University and Ph.D. in China University of geosciences. Mainly engages in study of ecological hydrology and mitigation and survey on landslide hazard risks.

Hou Guangcai

Prof-senior engineer, Ph.D. in Jilin University and Prof. in Chang’an University, mainly engaged in study of groundwater circulation and water environment evolution, and groundwater resources assessment and..

Teng Jiaxin

Teng Jiaxin, Prof-senior engineer, Vice-chief geologist and Chief Project supervisor in Xi’an Centre of Geology Survey, CGS, mainly engaged in study of geology and mineral investigation.

Li Rongshe

Li Rongshe, Prof-senior geologist. He Mainly engaged in regional geological prospecting, orogenic geological research, and engineering geology. Graduated from Northwest University with bachelor degree of ge..

Xia Linqi

Xia Linqi, Fellow, Ph.D in University De Paris Sud, Chinese Communist party members. Graduated from Nanjing University with Geology bachelor degree in 1962 and obtained the Ph.D in University De Paris Sud i..

Wang Yonghe

Wang Yonghe, Prof-senior engineer, mainly engages in regional geological survey and research

Lu Jincai

Prof-senior engineer, Mainly engages in study of gas and oil exploration and development in Ordos basin.

Xu Youning

Researcher, Ph.D. in Northwest University and Prof. in Chang’an University. Mainly engages in study and protection on mine environmental geology.

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Introduction of Groundwater investigation Achievement in the Ordos Basin

The Ordos basin is located in the east part of northwest China.It covers five provinces in China,e.g.,Shaanxi,Gansu,Ningxia,Shanxi and Inner Mongolia.The exploration area is about 282000km2

The basic tectonic framework and advantage mineral resources potentialities in North Mountain

The book was been written on the basis of the field investigation results in the Yingmaotuo of North Mountain, GaNSU. It included the two parts. 1. On the basis of the Achievements of metallogenic prospective survey in the yingmaotuo area of North Mountain, Gansu, it systematically expounds the reg..

Groundwater Resources and their Sustainable Utilization in the Ordos Basin

The book is a comprehensive summary of the new achievements of research on groundwater resources in Ordos basin, includes three parts: investigation and research on groundwater, technologies and methods and the reasonable development and utilization of groundwater resources. The first part (investig..

Potential Mineral Resources Assessment in Northwest of China

The book is a brief introduction of the important mineral resources in metallogenic belt in northwest China, comprehensive research on key deposits and regional metallogenic regularity. The monograph includes three parts: Pandect, Sub-pandect and prospecting potential. The Pandect is composed of eig..

Survey and Assessment on Environment Geology Problems of Mine in Northwest of China

Based on the achievement of different typical mineral exploration and environment geology research in northwest from 2001 to 2002, the author discussed the environment geology problem caused by mineral exploration in northwest in detail, set up a comprehensive mine geological environment evaluation ..

Opportunity and Challenge of Mineral Deposit Research: Meeting the Demand of Developments

This book is a symposium of 8th national conference of mineral deposits, China, which is a comprehensive reflection of scientific and technological achievement in the fields of mineral deposits in the last four years. It includes metallogenic system in Chinese mainland and geodynamics background, de..