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The Management of Geological Survey in Northwest of China

Geological survey projects mainly refer to mineral exploration projects which characterized with state public welfare, basic and strategic. According to provisions and responsibilities of state geological survey projects management, the mission is to organize the implementation of state geological survey projects in Northwest China and manage the whole process which including technology, economy, quality and result. Based on analysis and summary of previous geological survey and the latest advance in geological survey research, the manager give the proposals of planning and deployment for geological survey projects in Northwest China according to the needs of economic development and ecological environment sustainable development in western. Those proposals cover many subjects, such as basic geology, mineral resources, groundwater Exploration, and ecological environment and so on.

►  Responsibilities

◎  Demonstrate and evaluate the establishment of geological survey projects in Northwest China.
◎  Compile and assign the annual order of geological survey projects; organize and examine the compilation.
◎  Quality supervisor of geological survey projects; the financial supervision and check of geological survey projects.
◎  Field inspection of geological survey projects.
◎  Organize examine result report of geological survey projects and summary report of funds using.
◎  Give the ordinary adjustment replies; send in the requests of major adjustment, and compile the working reports of geological survey projects (including technology, statistics, and finance).
◎  Train and promote the technical and economic criteria of geological survey; and evaluate the budget standard of geological survey projects dynamically.
◎  Organize people to carry out the deployment of geological survey projects in Northwest China; and compile the proposed program of annual projects.
◎  The management of technical equipment for northwest field army.
◎  The receiving, keeping, and social service of geological data for geological survey projects in Northwest China.