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Geological Archives of Northwest is a State-owned geological institute, and is led directly by China Geological Survey, the Ministry of Land and Resources P.R.C. It undertakes to receive, inspect and accept the data of geological survey in the northwest area, to file archives, and to offer archive storage and services; takes charge of construction, maintenance and updating of the geological database in the northwest of China; takes responsible for construction, maintenance an..



Achievements Data

General investigation report on the stream sediment survey in the area of Wangziguan-Liangdangguangj..

Gansu Non-Ferrous Metal Geological Exploration Burea, Sha Guiwen and others

Evaluation report on the lead-zinic ore in the enriched area and surrounding areas of Xicheng, Gansu

Gansu Non-Ferrous Metal Geological Exploration Burean, Lv Yinxue and others

Prospecting evaluation report on Copper-gold ore in Xueshan peak, Qinghai

Qinghai Geological Survey Institute, Deng Yuanliang and others

Research on gold-copper ore metallogenetic rules and ore-controlling factors and the optimization of..

Colloge of Earth Science and Land resource, Chang'an University, Wang Chongli,Li Houmin, and others

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