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Xi’an Center of Geological Survey, CGS was established in 1962, which was renamed by Xi’an Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources. The center is directly under China Geological Survey, the Ministry of Land and Resources. It mainly undertakes geological survey and the relative comprehensive research in the northwest; collection, storage and service of the geological information in the northwest; management of the state geological survey project, and the supervision of Central Geological Exploration Fund in the northwest. 

Xi’an Center has the perfect organizational structure, and set up 5 administrative departments, 9 business departments, 3 service departments, and 3 development operating entity. It also has 2 departments to serve for the republic in society, such as the Northwest Supervision and Testing Center of Mineral resources, MLR, and Northwest Geological Archives, CGS. Meanwhile, the Office of Non-for-Profit Geological Survey and Major Mineral Resources Exploration in Xinjiang, Underground Water Resource and Environment Committee of Geological Society of Shaanxi, Geological Resources and Environment Monitoring Centre of Shaanxi, Exploration Geophysics Committee of Geophysics Society of Shaanxi are all located in the Xi’an Center. Respectively, it has built a Key Laboratory and open laboratory of Ministry of Land and Resource, with Chang'an University, Shaanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau; united doctor and master Training locations with Northwestern University and Chang'an University; post-graduate training base with China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Chang'an University; and a post-doctoral research station.

Xi'an center of Geological Survey has strong scientific and technological ability, good equipment, reasonable structure, prominent specialized characteristic. There are many professional scientific and technical personnel in geology, minerals, rocks minerals, stratigraphy and paleontology, geophysical, remote sensing, hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology, surveying and mapping, computer application and so on, which has formed a rational structure of high-quality talents group. At present, there are 420 staffs in post, including 47 persons with titles of senior professional post, 74 persons with titles of sub-senior professional post, and 121 persons with titles of medium-grade professional post, 49 persons with Ph.D., 171 with Masters Degree and 140 with Bachelor Degree.

The main business fields of Xi'an Center of Geological Survey included basic geological survey, mineral exploration, energy geological survey, hydrological and environment geological survey, application of geological engineering technology, rock experimental test, GIS applications, and geological research in Central Asia. In the recent years, it has expanded the business of urban geological survey, land remote sensing and mapping.etc. It also has the Grade A of Geological Survey licensed by the Ministry of Land and Resources, Grade A of Risk Assessment of Geological Disaster and Grade A of Geological hazards control exploration licensed by Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Grade A of Environmental Impact Assessment licensed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Grade A of Water Resources Assessment licensed by the Ministry of Water Resources, and other 19 Qualifications certified by National Laboratory or China Metrology Accreditation . In 2006, it passed the certificate verification of Quality Management System, Environment Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, and obtained a third-party authentication certificate. In the recent 50 years, it has undertook more than 900 national and local projects with various types of geological survey and scientific research , and win national rewards or provincial (ministry) rewards for 123 times. In 2011, the special award of National science and technology progress was rewarded to Xi’an Center for the main research institutions that undertook the project of “Geological theory innovation and prospecting breakthrough in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau", and it obtained the title of honor of outstanding innovation team in Shaanxi. The other projects also obtained important achievements, won several the First Prizes of the Ministry or Province, and produced great impact on the society, such as the project of “Ordos Basin groundwater exploration”, “Scientific research of the structure -volcanic- metallogenic dynamics in North Qilian Mountain”, “Underground water exploration in Energy-Chemical Base of North Shaanxi”, “Geological disasters detailed investigation in the Baota District, Yan’an, Shaanxi”, “1:250,000 regional geological survey in beacon hill, Xinjiang”, etc. So far, 2 persons obtained the Li Siguang Research Award and the Hou Defeng award, and over 20 persons received special government allowances, 2 persons were honored by the outstanding contributions expert titles of Shaanxi. Since 2001, it has been rated as the advanced unit continuously by China Geological Survey for 10 years. It also was awarded the title of "advanced grass-roots party organizations " by Shaanxi Provincial Committee in 2006; awarded the title of "democratic management of advanced collective" by Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Working Committee in 2007; awarded title of "model home of workers" by the Chinese science, education unions in 2007; and awarded the title of "the model of civilized unit " by the Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Government in 2009.

Xi'an Center of Geological Survey persists in the management policy of “Exploration energy on mountains, seeking the resources in desert, concerning for the environment, ensuring safety, scientific development, and serving for the society"; pursuits the management objectives of "three establish" (establish a first-rate professional teams; establish a first-class scientific research production; establish a first-class management service), "three protections" (protect environment; protect health; ensure safety), "three promises" (customer satisfaction; energy reduction consumption; continuous improvement)´╝îStrives to create innovative, realistic and harmonious cultural environment, and work hard to build a world-class region geological survey agency as soon as possible.