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Xi'an Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources was established in 1962,renamed Xi'an center of China Geological Survey in 2006,it is directly under the Ministry of Land Resources,China Geological Survey of the institution.Mainly responsible northwest comprehensive geological survey and related research;undertake geological survey data and informa..MORE>>


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The experts are highly attention on the project progres..

Sino-German aquifer heterogeneity identification confer..

Strengthen international cooperation in geosciences and..

Sino-Australia in cooperation began to geological mappi..

The expert from Xi’an Center of Geological Survey was i..

Geology & Mineral

Introduction of Groundwater investigation Achi..

The Ordos basin is located in the east part of northwest China.It covers five provinces in China,e.g.,Shaanxi,Gansu,Ningxia,Shanxi and Inner Mongolia...

The Aquifer Systems in the Ordos Basin

The Ordos Basin is a huge groundwater basin composed by a multi-aquifer system.According to the material and spatial extent of aquifers, the groundwat..

Groundwater Investigation in the northern Shaa..

The northern Shaanxi Energy and Chemical Industry Base is rich in coal, oil and natural gas, and is the important energy base in the 21st century in C..

Northwest Geology

Discussion on Geochemical Anomalies and Ore-Prospecting Direction of Suwushijie Area in Middle Altyn

Based on the geochemical data of Suwushijie area in Middle Altyn, the distribution characteristics about 39 kinds of geochemical elements have been ..

Application of Organic Fluid Inclusion to Study the Characteristics of Gas Reservoir Formation: Exam..

After studying the diagenesis sequence about the sandstone gas bed of the Sulige gas field in Western Ordos Basin, the petrography of organic fluid ..

Metamorphism of the Meiziya Formation in Northern Hanyin, Shaanxi Province

The Meiziya Formation is the biggeststratum exposed in northern Hanyin, which is mainly composed of muscovite-quartz schist, carbon-containing muscov..

Research Progress on Carboniferous Strata in Bogda Area, Eastern Tianshan

The project of geological survey in 1:250000 Sandaoling Sheet made some research progresses on carboniferous stratigraphic redivision, including the ..

Tectonic Evolution and Coal Accumulation about the Southern Margin of Yili Basin in Xinjiang since M..

The Yili basin is famous for its rich resources of coal and uranium, especiallyin the southern margin of this basin. From the angle of coal explorati..

Site Stability Evaluation and Environmental Impact Analysis on the Working Face of Old Coal Mine in ..

Based on structural geology, stratum and lithology, seismic, hydrogeology andgeotechnical engineering geology, the coal seammining data about the wor..

International Cooperation

Sino-Australia in cooperation began to g..

On April 2nd, the experts from China Geological Survey and XACGS visited the western Australia, discussed and exchanged practical problems in the Sino..

Geochemical survey of Pamir region in Ta..

Under the full support of Tajikistan Geological Administration, using honest and trustworthy, sincere cooperation as its fundamental, taking seeking t..

The expert from Xi’an Center of Geologic..

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first summit meeting of China and Tajikistan, the seminar of "Sino-Tajikistan relationships: history, curre..

Achievements Data

General investigation report on the stream sediment survey in the area of Wangziguan-Liangdangguangj..

Gansu Non-Ferrous Metal Geological Exploration Burea, Sha Guiwen and others

Evaluation report on the lead-zinic ore in the enriched area and surrounding areas of Xicheng, Gansu

Gansu Non-Ferrous Metal Geological Exploration Burean, Lv Yinxue and others

Prospecting evaluation report on Copper-gold ore in Xueshan peak, Qinghai

Qinghai Geological Survey Institute, Deng Yuanliang and others

Research on gold-copper ore metallogenetic rules and ore-controlling factors and the optimization of..

Colloge of Earth Science and Land resource, Chang'an University, Wang Chongli,Li Houmin, and others